About Bioniks

Our Company

Bioniks is an outgrowth of an ongoing, cross-disciplinary collaboration among Jeffrey Lotz, Louis Cheng, Brian Feeley, and Oliver O'Reilly. Our team's long-term goal is to integrate new analytical tools into the clinical care pathway so as to improve understanding of both musculoskeletal and neurologic diseases and cultivate novel, more effective therapies.

Our History

Bioniks was established in 2012 to commercialize spin-off products of research on the clinical assessment of lower extremities using affordable motion capture technologies. Basic research commenced in earnest as an offshoot from a 2007 National Science Foundation Grant awarded to Lotz and O'Reilly. During the course of their work on spine dynamics, the team developed the ability to obtain accurate kinematic measurements of joint motion with a relatively affordable measurement system featuring the Microsoft Kinect.

Recognizing the potential clinical impact for this technology, Bioniks leveraged several entrepreneurship programs to advance our research and development. Starting in 2012, we earned several funding awards: Proof of Concept Award from the University of California Office of the President, a UCSF T1 Translational Catalyst Award, a Hacking Health - Relay Health Collaboration Challenge, and first prize in the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) entrepreneurship course - Idea to IPO. Once incorporated, the Bioniks team participated in the Lean Launchpad course, interviewing over 100 potential customers to refine the market opportunity.

Our team has continued to advance our research in close collaboration with the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Physical Therapy at UCSF, via testing and refinement in clinical and athletic training settings. Our STTR grant accelerated these product refinement efforts, as well as initiated exploration of strategic partnerships, equity investment opportunities, regulatory pathway discussions, and economic value analyses.

Following publications in several peer-reviewed journals and conferences, Bioniks established its quality system and became a licensed medical device company. In 2019, Bioniks launched the Kinetigramâ„¢ platform for shoulder assessment, which is currently in limited release and used in an international clinical trial. The Kinetigram shoulder module is registered in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Our Mission

Bioniks' mission is to bring a new level of sophistication to orthopaedic and neuromuscular medicine with cost effective tools that help physicians better diagnose and manage degenerative conditions, and prevent failure of operative treatments in knee, spine, and shoulder surgery.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to efficiently complying with regulatory requirements and delivering high quality products that meet customer needs. To achieve these goals, we maintain an effective Quality System that provides continual improvement in our product and our internal processes.